When? Ladies and Gentlemen, we are sorry to have to MOVE the WORKSHOP due to measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The date will be announced when it is confirmed, but we anticipate that the workshop will take place in the second week of August 2021!

Where? Mekinje Monastery, Kamnik

What? The Transylvanian violin came to us through Jean-Christoph Gairard, who stopped in Slovenia with Emilio Castiello on one of his many trips to the Roma village of Beica. The village lies near the more famous city of Cluj-Napoca and Jean went there regularly to learn from the master Marcel Ramba. The one-way trip from Marseille is over 2200 km and most of the time he drove it in his yellow van. Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek also visited the masters twice in the heart of Transylvania for an intensive education. Marcel said he doesn’t remember exactly how many times Jean was there. “Maybe 30 times?” he thought. There are debates as to whether the styles of the regions can be learned even without travel. Opinions vary, but those who have learned to sound in some violin dialect usually say that you can only study in the second phase without traveling. At Godalkanje, we tried to bring the knowledge of the regions as close as possible. This year’s Transylvanian music workshops will take place at the academic level. All applications were collected without promotion, only with personal invitations. Participants from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Slovenia will learn most of the visions on their own before arrival. Thus, Slovenia is becoming a point where the door is set through which violinists of Central and Northern Europe can enter the world of Balkan violin styles, and violinists of the Balkans can enter the world of the richness of violin styles of Central and Northern Europe.