All Urban Folk concerts are postponed:

from April 27 to May 1, 2021. The whole week of Godalkanje, Fiddle Gang Jams and concerts of international bands in CSK: we are already looking forward to!

(The exact schedule will be known after the spring release of restrictions. False hope dies last!)

Where? Festivalna dvorana, Vilharjeva 11, Ljubljana What? This year’s big concert of Godalkanje corresponds to the memory of those who are no longer with us. But the program will be even more earthly. It will be woven by the lands of the famous Count Dracula – Transylvania.

The artistic director of the concert will be Jean-Christophe Gairard, already known to the Slovenian audience, who will upgrade his previous productions with Godalkanje and Symbolic Orchestra. Jean-Christophe spent a large part of his life in Transylvania, where he studied traditional and gypsy music. He is a violinist, composer and a sought-after mentor of Transylvanian and Romanian music, leading workshops throughout Europe. In 2014, he was a soloist in the international project “European Symbolic Orchestra”, with which he also recorded the album “Terrafolk & European Symbolic Orchestra – XXLive”. In 2012 and 2016, he led Romanian music workshops as part of Godalkanje and recorded quite a few successful online videos with it.

The orchestra will consist of musicians from six countries. Unfortunately, we will not be dancing this year, but we will be able to practice patience – itching in the heels can be a huge discomfort.

Visitors will be able to enjoy melodies from around Transylvania, including Moldova, Romania and Banat. The event will also be the announcement of a cycle of five “Urban Folk” concerts organized by Godalkanje at the Center of Slavic Cultures (CSK) France Prešeren.

Jean-Christophe Gairard (France) – violin, brač, guitar Gaspard Panfiloff (France) – guitar, balalaika Wouter Vandenabeele (Belgium) Angelika Hudler (Austria) Kathryn Döhner (Germany) Barja Drnovšek, Bojan Cvetrežnik An Černe, Ana Lazar, Ajda Cvek, Nika Škodič – violins Jošt Lampret, Areh Mahkovic – double bass Nejc Škofic – keyboards Slovenian Fiddle Gang Junior Fiddle Gang Namuznjeni Godalkarji  


TICKET FOR INDIVIDUAL EVENT: 14 € / 8 € up to the age of 18, high school and university students

SUBSCRIPTION: TRANSILVANIA + URBAN FOLK 60 € / 36 € up to the age of 18, high school and university students

The subscription is transferable by prior arrangement. Subscribers receive an additional free ticket for the big Gala concert of Godalkanje.




* Valid during Covid limitations

If you want to support our enthusiasm further, you can contribute:

20 € – you will receive a Godalkanje T – shirt and an additional free ticket for a gala concert or

50 € – you receive two Godalkanje T-shirts and three additional free tickets for a gala concert.

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