When? Monday, August 9, 2021

Where? Kamfest Festival, Kamnik (stage “Pr ‘Goslač”)


21:30 – Too Bett Violins (AT, SK)

Petra Onderufova (SK) – violin

Angelika Hudler (AT) – violin

The duo of Viennese violinists Angelika Hudler and Petra Onderufova formed in the corona period in the spring of 2020. They combine their classical and jazz education with knowledge in the field of traditional music and create a special sound with tickling arrangements where the violin is not only violin but also guitar, percussion, piano, bass, …


Around 22:15 follows Fidde Gang Jam – an audiophile exhibition of musical journeys that will take you into the world of Serbian, Romanian, transatlantic and Swedish melodies. It is performed by a 10-member ensemble of participants in the “Balkan Fiddle Gate” workshops, which run in parallel with Kamfest in the Mekinje Monastery.

CURATOR: Angelika Hudler (AT)

RHYTHM SECTION: Petra Onderufova (SK), Danijel Bogataj, Barja Drnovšek, Ana Lazar