When? Thursday, August 12, 2021

Where? Kamfest Festival, Kamnik (stage “Pr’ Goslač”)

21.30 : Ida Meidell Blylod

Ida Meidell Blylod (SWE) – violin
Barja Drnovšek – e-bass, violin
Bojan Cvetrežnik – e-mandolin
Žiga Šercer – percussion
Godalkanje Fiddle Gang – violin orchestra

Ida Meidell Blylod is a Swedish baroque and folk violinist who is passionately interested in the diversity of European violin traditions. Ida’s delicate playing reveals her true ability to make every performance unique, whether she’s playing in a gloomy concert hall, on a lively dance floor, or in a crowded bar. Ida has toured European folk and baroque venues for many years, and is also sought-after as a mentor in international courses in various styles of folk music. She came to Slovenia for the first time in 2011 for joining the Etnohisteria festival. Since then, she has been returning regularly due to collaborations with the Symbolic Orchestra and Godalkanje. In 2014, she was the soloist of the international project “European Symbolic Orchestra”, with which she also recorded the album “Terrafolk & European Symbolic Orchestra – XXLive”. She performed with the Slovenian band Ida & Other Bears. We can watch quite a few recordings of her live performances online, including the ones with Godalkanje. Ida is currently playing in a Swedish folk-baroque project with Johan Hedin, a renowned soloist at nyckelharpa. She regularly collaborates with several baroque orchestras in Sweden, Denmark and France.

She will begin the concert with her solo violin programme, continue to the accompaniment of a trio, and end with the string ensemble Fiddle Gang. Ida Meidell left the greatest influence of all guest mentors on the repertoire that is part of the Godalkanje education curriculum. Together, they will take us on an energetic and colorful journey through the changing musical landscapes of Northern European folk music.

Around 22:15 follows Fidde Gang Jam – an audiophile exhibition of musical journeys, which will take you mainly into the world of Romanian and Serbian melodies thus time. It is performed by a 10-member ensemble of participants in the “Balkan Fiddle Gate” workshops, which run in parallel with Kamfest in the Mekinje Monastery.

CURATOR: Ida Meidell Blylod (SWE)

RHYTHM SECTION: Barja Drnovšek, Žiga Šercer, Danijel Bogataj