When?  Once a week 60 – 90 minuts (except during school holidays). The exact date will be known after the applications are received – presumably on Wednesday afternoons.   Where? Trnovo, Ljubljana   Mentors: Bojan Cvetrežnik, Barja Drnovšek, visiting mentors of Godalkanje   For whom? For all the string players and all players of rhythm section (bass, guitar, ukulele, accordion …)

The workshops are expected to take place on two levels of difficulty and are suitable for all ages:

Namuznjeno Godalkanje: for all of you who master the repertoire for the 3rd grade of lower music school.

Hobi Godalkanje: for all of you who master the repertoire for the 5th grade of lower music school.


What? At the Godalkanje group workshops, we teach content that is not yet widely available in our country. We draw mainly from the treasury of violin tunes of different nations. We learn by listening, following chords, performing different techniques (‘chops’, jig, swing, different ornamentation …). We refresh the learned repertoire at street performances and in concert halls. More information and applications: godalkanje@gmail.com