presenter: Bojan Cvetrežnik
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As the interest in my teaching approaches grew after my presentations over the last years and after we can clearly see the results of my consistent work with students, I am happy to announce my first in-depth course for the violin/viola technique online! I decided on morning sessions, since there was lots of interest among teachers.

In the flood of information about the violin technique available online, the need to explain the basic principles of different approaches is even stronger. Listening to the explanations and understanding is far not enough to reach our goal. I made serious progress with players that got a regular feedback. We internalize the subject by coming back to the same issue several times. We introduced online commenting on home records much before the Corona situation. It was the best tool to check the understanding of the objectives. It can save lots of time. I look forward to presenting my knowledge, technique skills and present my way of teaching at the same time.

If you cannot follow the deadlines for interactive housework for any reason or you simply can’t identify with my workflow, we will be happy to refund the subscription fee for the rest of the course with absolutely no hard feelings. I want to keep the team strong, inspired, efficient and in a good mood. Respect to different personal styles is a strong point in my personal style of teaching.

With commenting on other participant’s records, you will become trained in diagnostics of some subjects of violin technique. You will be my assistant already on the way there. How to get there? TOGETHER!

I am highly inspired and looking forward to meeting you.


“I’ve tried to improve string crossing with famous teachers around Europe and believed I can’t improve it until I met Bojan…”
(Maša, professional player)

“Bojan, you don’t know what you’ve just done. You’ve taught a 70 years old man to play sautillé in 10 minutes!”
(John, professional teacher and player)

It was like an exhibition of exercises, which enabled me to find some new useful ideas and different aspects of violin playing.“
(Ana, member of the Slovenian Symphony Orchestra)

  • three 75 minutes sessions in a week
  • every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 9:30am CE, 8:30am UK time
  • The semester starts on 30. November 2021 The last session is on 17. February 2022. Christmas free.
  • intermediate / advanced level
  • language: English; platform: Zoom
  • We will alternate ‘Morning starters’ every week with ‘Main Dishes‘, starting with ‘Morning starters’ on November 30th, 2021 with ‘Morning Starters’
    • WEEK 1:
      • 9:30 – 10:10 Morning Starters
      • 10:15 – 10:45 Main Dishes evaluation meeting
      • Thuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • WEEK 2:
      • 9:30 – 10:45 Main Dishes
      • Thuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Subscriptions to:
    • informal Morning Starters’ (one week for free or a symbolic fee for the whole semester)
    • complete Violin Tech semester including in depth Main Dishes
    • passive subscription to the complete Violin Tech semester
      (possible exeptionally only for teachers of participants)
    • free participation – 1st week complete participation (detailed explanations about the program in evaluation sesions) or first week of morning starters in any month
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