Online instrumental teaching has limitations that teachers face in our daily work. But we will focus on a positive site of the unpleasant situation. Is there anything we can do in this way better? Since December 3rd 2020, we established “Morning Starters” – 30 min Zoom sessions (three times a week from 7.30am to 8am) where string players of different levels practice technique together. It helps us to:

  • organize a daily workflow better after the morning routine;
  • have a better overview of different disciplines of violin techniques;
  • organise our own planning of warming up;
  • be in better condition for playing the instrument;
  • prevent teenage depressions

Each meeting consists of two disciplines – usually one with an emphasis on the left and one on the right hand. Sometimeswe leave the leading of the exercises to one participant, so students also get the possibility to lead the exercise on their own and to compare themselves with the others.

The second winter semester 2022 will happen from November 30th 2021 to February 17th 2022. We will alternate ‘Morning Starters’ every week with “Main Dishes”, deeper explanations from chapters of the violin technique with provided materials for the methodology.

For more information refere to:

Violin Tech winter semester 2022 (online)