I named the most serious technique training in a little funny way. I want to make the line between the inspiring informations and usefull trainings at Morning starters and the detailed explanations with all evaluations needed, very clear. I believe that violin technique is a very complex teritory, though I know there are a little things that can be just ‘grabbed’ in front of our nose, if we get a concrete information and if we can put our focus in the right way.
I don’t want to write a book about the violin Tech because the procedures have to remain flexible. When I deal with my students I use the same structured approaches with all students, but I create customize exercises in most cases. There are very good books written out there already. Ivan Galamian, Simon Fischer, Paul Roland contributed some master works to the violin technique teaching. But there are always topics, that are not explained yet. With some disciplines of violin playing, that I specialized in, I can be confident, that I can offer even some secrets, that did’t find a place in those books but are also based on the known knowledge of the great masters. General principles can’t maintain all needs of individual cases.
My way of organizing materials is web based. All the explanations in text are written in the .paper documents by dropbox, which is linked to connected issues and includes multi media materials (PDF for scores, links to audio or video records or external links). We check the understanding of instructions by uploading audio or video home records to the ‘file request’ link where we can comment on the timeline, the specific part of the record. We can tag any external people to invite them to write their comment. Commenting others is the test of understanding objectives.
In the winter semester 2021/22 I will focus mostly on:
the right hand:
-short strokes in different techniques
-funcionality of the right hand fingers
-string crossings basics with an upper arm dexterity
the left hand:
-independence of the fingers
-when changing fingers posture could be helpfull?
-useful warming up exercises


For more informations refere to:

Violin Tech winter semester 2022 (online)

When? From 20th to 22nd of February 2020

Where? Werkstadthaus, Tübingen (Germany)

What? Violin technique workshops with Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek

When? From February 28 to March 4, 2019

Where? Werkstadthaus, Aixerstrasse 72, Tübingen (Germany)

What? Violin technique workshops

At the invitation of Kathryn Doehner (German violinist, founder of the folk camp “Ethno Germany” and the folk project “Folklang”), we conducted five day workshops of violin technique for local violinists at the end of February. The emphasis this time was on the production of a beautiful tone (contact points, bow posture), changing strings, motoric functions of the fingers of the left hand (independent horizontal, ventricular and lateral movement of the finger), natural posture and independence of the body pulse from performance movements.

More information here.