When? From Sunday, April 25, to Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Where? Trnovo, Ljubljana (terraces between apartment buildings / playgrounds / in front of the old people’s home)

What? We strive for a greater diversity of music genres in Slovenian public music production. Music genres differ from each other by different criteria. And yet music is still ONE, a unique magic with which we awaken mysterious forces in human society. You could even attribute supernatural power to it. Because political or other divisions point to differences or disagreements in society on a daily basis, we prefer to think about what the different music genres have in common. We believe that musical intercultural dialogue can contribute to improving dialogue between all people. What do music genres have in common? Genres do not differ in how much time, knowledge, talent and skill is required to achieve excellence. In music which we don’t know, all the songs sound similar to us. The more we know the genre, the greater richness of diversity we find within each genre.

We expressed our support: Godalkanje Fiddle Gang under the direction of Barja Drnovšek and Bojan Cvetrežnik.

Photos: Bojan Stepančič