When? Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Where? Court Tower, Maribor

Jean-Christophe Gairard (France) – violin
Nejc Škofic – keyboards
Jošt Lampret – double bass
Godalkanje Fiddle Gang

Bojan Cvetrežnik from Maribor wrote history in the Court Tower. The first, today legendary, concert of the Terrafolk ensemble took place right there in 1999. Before that, Bojan had prepared an author’s evening for the additional programme of the festival Musical September in 1996, and later accidentally broke his violin at the euphoric Terrafolk concert evening. After a decade of touring with Terrafolk, Bojan has been mainly involved in Godalkanje, working with young people for the last ten years. Now he is returning to the Court Tower with a young generation of musicians, Godalkanje Fiddle Gang, which has already achieved international recognition under his leadership.

This year’s concert of Godalkanje in the Court Tower is prepared by violin master Jean-Christoph Gairard and the Slovenian teenage band Godalkanje Fiddle Gang, led by Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek.
They will take you to the heart of the music of the Northeast Balkans – melodies from the land of Count Dracula – Transylvania and its surroundings. Jean-Christoph Gairard will also perform on stage with the trio Trionica, formed by Nejc Škofic (keyboards) and Jošt Lampret (double bass), two of the most penetrating young jazz and classical musicians at the moment.

A complete musical surplus!

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Sound example of Jeana-Christopha Gairarda:

Jean-Christophe Gairard in Symbolic Orchestra