When? Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Where? Kino Šiška (Cathedral Hall), Ljubljana

Jean-Christophe Gairard (France) – violin
Nejc Škofic – keyboards
Jošt Lampret – double bass
Godalkanje Fiddle Gang

After a few years of big gala concerts, which traditionally take place on the last weekend of the autumn holidays, this time we are moving from the Festival Hall to Kino Šiška! The concert was prepared by violin master Jean-Christoph Gairard and the Slovenian teenage band Godalkanje Fiddle Gang, which is led by Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek, and it takes the audience’s breath away anywhere it plays . Together they will take you to the heart of the music of the Northeast Balkans – melodies from the land of Count Dracula – Transylvania and its surroundings. Jean-Christoph Gairard will also perform on the Cathedral stage with the trio Trionica, formed by Nejc Škofic (keyboards) and Jošt Lampret (double bass), two of the most penetrating young jazz and classical musicians at the moment. Also the youngest ones will leave their stamp – Hobi Godalkarji.

A complete musical surplus!


Sound example of Jean-Christoph Gairard:

Jean-Christophe Gairard in Symbolic Orchestra


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When? Season ticket 2020/2021

Where? CSK France Prešeren, Karunova 14, Ljubljana

What? We created the concert cycle of urban folk music with strings so that the performances of great violin masters, guest mentors of Godalkanje, can be experienced live in Ljubljana. Slovenia is known in European professional circles for its master classes in various violin styles. We don’t just host mentors; also learning eager professional musicians are brought from afar to be able to attend education according to our standards.

Concert evenings are events that go beyond just listening to a concert, as the official part is usually followed by a jam session, during which it is not difficult to swim into feelings of immortality.

Hard times (pandemic restrictions) did not take away our courage for concert performances, so we are starting with a new form of interconnecting circles of friends, experts and lovers of live acoustic music.


WILD STRINGS TRIO (Slovaška / Francija / Slovenija)

TERRA POP (Slovenija)


BOJAN CVETREŽNIK – »Tribute to Aca Šišić« (Slovenija / Srbija / Avstrija)



TICKET FOR INDIVIDUAL EVENT: 14 € / 8 € up to the age of 18, high school and university students

SUBSCRIPTION: TRANSILVANIA + URBAN FOLK 60 € / 36 € up to the age of 18, high school and university students

The subscription is transferable by prior arrangement. Subscribers receive an additional free ticket for the big Gala concert of Godalkanje.


* Valid during Covid limitations


If you want to support our enthusiasm further, you can contribute:

20 € – you will receive a Godalkanje T – shirt and an additional free ticket for a gala concert or

50 € – you receive two Godalkanje T-shirts and three additional free tickets for a gala concert.


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