When? From 20th to 22nd of February 2020

Where? Werkstadthaus, Tübingen (Germany)

What? Violin technique workshops with Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek

When? From February 28 to March 4, 2019

Where? Werkstadthaus, Aixerstrasse 72, Tübingen (Germany)

What? Violin technique workshops

At the invitation of Kathryn Doehner (German violinist, founder of the folk camp “Ethno Germany” and the folk project “Folklang”), we conducted five day workshops of violin technique for local violinists at the end of February. The emphasis this time was on the production of a beautiful tone (contact points, bow posture), changing strings, motoric functions of the fingers of the left hand (independent horizontal, ventricular and lateral movement of the finger), natural posture and independence of the body pulse from performance movements.

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