Pain in the neck and muscle tension are the main reason when violinists seek professional help of physical therapists.

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The Physioviolin chin rest is designed so that it lies closer to the head.
By adding weight with the head, the violin gets lighter.

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How high/low on the shoulder do I want to hold the violin?

What is the angle between the violin and the body?

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Great masters of the violin achieve outstanding results with different techniques of controlling their instrument. Each production of music is technically correct if it does not harm the body. The Physioviolin chin rest is designed to help the user learn a safer yet technically perfected posture that reduces the harmful effects of a forced posture and is most effective in the stage of acquiring the right playing technique. Instead of trying to find the most comfortable position on the chin rest, it is better to use the head correctly only when necessary. The chin rest is not a sofa.