Petra Onderuf took up the violin in her childhood in Slovakia, and after a short flirt with playing the cello, she turned away from classical music to embrace Ethno and traditional styles, in her travels around Europe and through encounters along the way. Through a jazz education at Conservatory in Klagenfurt, she was brought into her own as a cross-style performer, happily playing bebop in a Jazz club one night, Bulgarian tunes on a Folk festival stage the next. After finishing her studies, she branched out into jazz composition and arrangement, which has brought a new dimension to what remains her gift as a performer: that of sharing her limitless energy, virtuosity and inventiveness with her audience.
Based in Slovenia, she tours Europe and Asia as a founding member of the international band Wild Strings Trio. She has brought together the Petra Onderuf Quartet and participates in many other musical projects, writes for ensembles and big bands, as well as teachhing and giving workshops.