Hermann Fritz is a musicologist, musician and composer from Linz,
Upper Austria. He has been researching traditional music for decades
and can be considered an expert in the field of Austrian Traditional
music, specializing in Austrian Traditional dances such as Landler,
Steyrer and Schleunige, as well as traditional forms of singing like
Jodler, Dudler, Ludler and Jodlerlied.

His violin technique and groove which is reconstructed from a variety
of historical sources and inspired by old Landler violinist such as
Sepp Stadlmann is unique.

As a teacher and transmitter of historical dance music, as a composer
of tunes which are united by their quality of being quiet sticky
ear-worms and of course by his playing together with other musicians
he inspired and formed a whole generation of Austrian Folk musicians
and bands, such as Attwenger, Appenzeller Space Schoettl, Urfahraner
Aufgeiger, Fritz und Fritz, Wiadawoe, Aniada a Noar, Duo Haertel
Wascher, Ludwig Wiener, Regenpfeifer, Die Partie, Sauschneider,
Tanzhausgeiger, Die Schnofler and Hermann Fritz Banda.