December 15th – 17th 2023

ONE music society, Luize Pesjakove 9, 1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Instrumental workshops of Serbian Violin (Piroman style) with Darko Piller.

For who?

Friday Hoby workshop is for violin players on basic to middle level (students of last years of Music schools, amateur violin players,…).

Special Courses workshop is for violin players on advanced level (students of music conservatoriums / Academy of Music, violin teachers, professional violin players,…)



Friday, 15. 12.: Hoby workshop*

16.30 – 18.00: workshop easy level

18.30 – 20.00: workshop middle level


Saturday, 16. 12.: Special Courses workshop**

10.00 – 13.30: workshop advanced level

16.00 – 19.00: workshop advanced level


Sunday, 17. 12.: Special Courses workshop**

10.00 – 13.30: workshop advanced level

15.30 – 16.00: stage set up

16.00 – 17.30: workshop advanced level

18.00: final presentation


* Friday Hoby workshop is free for participants of Special Courses workshop (attendance optional, but prefered 🙂

** Participants of Friday Hoby workshop can passively participate in Special Courses for free


Participation fee:

  • Special Courses (3 days): 140 ‎€
  • Friday Hoby workshop: 36 €
  • passive participation: 60 €; 36€ / per day


  • Godalkanje regular student in year 2023/24: 90 ‎€

*Limited amount of bursaries available for those who can not afford the price. Please, write a request to: godalkanje@gmail.com.



Application until December 7th 2023 at: https://forms.gle/JSFwD7Lt5z4ecsbP9



The application is completed upon payment of the registration fee. Please transfer the amount within 7 days of the completion of this survey. You will receive the invoice upon payment. Account number: IBAN SI56 6100 0001 1300 362, SWIFT: HDELSI22, name of the bank: Delavska hranilnica d.d., address: Miklošičeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana.

Purpose: registration fee for Godalkanje Special Courses 2023, name of the participant


More about the Mentor:

Darko Piller (SRB/AU)

Darko Piller, the concertmaster of the orchestra ‘Gardemusik Wien’, will unveil the tradition of a Serbian violin for us. Besides his virtuoso performances of classical music, he holds a rich knowledge of Serbian music culture. Darko Piller grew up in Piroman, renowned for its tradition of violin playing. His origin is in the famous violin family. Grand-grandfather Žikica Piromanac and grandfather Zlatomir Vasić – Boja. As a child, he learned the art of playing Serbian violin at his famous uncle Boban Voz’s terrace. Boban remains a prominent figure in the Serbian traditional violin. During those days, Darko, along with his brother and sister, would play on the famous ‘Knez Mihailov’ street in Belgrade daily. After 8 years of playing on the street, they became famous by winning the Serbian TV show ‘Serbia’s got talent’. Afterwards, Darko and Danijel won many awards at the international competitions; 1st prize (2018), 2nd prize (2017) and 3rd prize (2016) in accordion competition ‘Coupe Mondiale‘ in the category world music among others. In the year 2013, they came to the final of the Austrian TV show ‘ The Great Chance Show Austria’ and in 2017, they became world champions in the competition ‘67 Trophee Mondia’ in Onet le Château in France. Currently based in Vienna, they give concerts with their classical and Serbian traditional repertoire.

In the weekend workshop, we will try to get closer to the sound of Piroman with learning tunes and non-formal performance on Sunday evening.

When? Every Friday from 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. (from May 21 to July 9, 2021)

Where? Family center “Mala ulica” (Prečna ulica 7, Ljubljana)

What? Live music for all generations


On Fridays, we invite you to unique music events co-created by children and teachers of Godalkanje. Besides violins, we occasionally hear double bass, plucked string instruments, accordion, voice … The tunes from different regions compete with each other, and listeners vote for the winning song. Teams from more than 15 European and American countries will compete whose songs you declare the winners. Sometimes jazz and classical teams also compete. Come, enjoy the acoustic music of violin orchestra, dance, clap or swing to the beat on the swings and vote for the tune you like best! Maybe it will win… Spider Inke will take care of the nice weather – in case of rain, complain to him, while the music will play inside the playroom.

The teams consist of: Namuznjeni Godalkarji, Specialni Godalkarji, Fiddle Gang

Coaches: Bojan Cvetrežnik, Barja Drnovšek

When? 6th of November 2021

Where? Casa della Pace, Rome (Italy)

When? 7th of November 2021

Where? Studio Coni Stella, Rome (Italy)

When? November 27, 2021

Where? Gornja Radgona music school

You can read more about the programme of visiting weekend workshops here:


I named the most serious technique training in a little funny way. I want to make the line between the inspiring informations and usefull trainings at Morning starters and the detailed explanations with all evaluations needed, very clear. I believe that violin technique is a very complex teritory, though I know there are a little things that can be just ‘grabbed’ in front of our nose, if we get a concrete information and if we can put our focus in the right way.
I don’t want to write a book about the violin Tech because the procedures have to remain flexible. When I deal with my students I use the same structured approaches with all students, but I create customize exercises in most cases. There are very good books written out there already. Ivan Galamian, Simon Fischer, Paul Roland contributed some master works to the violin technique teaching. But there are always topics, that are not explained yet. With some disciplines of violin playing, that I specialized in, I can be confident, that I can offer even some secrets, that did’t find a place in those books but are also based on the known knowledge of the great masters. General principles can’t maintain all needs of individual cases.
My way of organizing materials is web based. All the explanations in text are written in the .paper documents by dropbox, which is linked to connected issues and includes multi media materials (PDF for scores, links to audio or video records or external links). We check the understanding of instructions by uploading audio or video home records to the ‘file request’ link where we can comment on the timeline, the specific part of the record. We can tag any external people to invite them to write their comment. Commenting others is the test of understanding objectives.
In the winter semester 2021/22 I will focus mostly on:
the right hand:
-short strokes in different techniques
-funcionality of the right hand fingers
-string crossings basics with an upper arm dexterity
the left hand:
-independence of the fingers
-when changing fingers posture could be helpfull?
-useful warming up exercises


For more informations refere to:

Violin Tech winter semester 2022 (online)

Online instrumental teaching has limitations that teachers face in our daily work. But we will focus on a positive site of the unpleasant situation. Is there anything we can do in this way better? Since December 3rd 2020, we established “Morning Starters” – 30 min Zoom sessions (three times a week from 7.30am to 8am) where string players of different levels practice technique together. It helps us to:

  • organize a daily workflow better after the morning routine;
  • have a better overview of different disciplines of violin techniques;
  • organise our own planning of warming up;
  • be in better condition for playing the instrument;
  • prevent teenage depressions

Each meeting consists of two disciplines – usually one with an emphasis on the left and one on the right hand. Sometimeswe leave the leading of the exercises to one participant, so students also get the possibility to lead the exercise on their own and to compare themselves with the others.

The second winter semester 2022 will happen from November 30th 2021 to February 17th 2022. We will alternate ‘Morning Starters’ every week with “Main Dishes”, deeper explanations from chapters of the violin technique with provided materials for the methodology.

For more information refere to:

Violin Tech winter semester 2022 (online)



presenter: Bojan Cvetrežnik
register here

As the interest in my teaching approaches grew after my presentations over the last years and after we can clearly see the results of my consistent work with students, I am happy to announce my first in-depth course for the violin/viola technique online! I decided on morning sessions, since there was lots of interest among teachers.

In the flood of information about the violin technique available online, the need to explain the basic principles of different approaches is even stronger. Listening to the explanations and understanding is far not enough to reach our goal. I made serious progress with players that got a regular feedback. We internalize the subject by coming back to the same issue several times. We introduced online commenting on home records much before the Corona situation. It was the best tool to check the understanding of the objectives. It can save lots of time. I look forward to presenting my knowledge, technique skills and present my way of teaching at the same time.

If you cannot follow the deadlines for interactive housework for any reason or you simply can’t identify with my workflow, we will be happy to refund the subscription fee for the rest of the course with absolutely no hard feelings. I want to keep the team strong, inspired, efficient and in a good mood. Respect to different personal styles is a strong point in my personal style of teaching.

With commenting on other participant’s records, you will become trained in diagnostics of some subjects of violin technique. You will be my assistant already on the way there. How to get there? TOGETHER!

I am highly inspired and looking forward to meeting you.


“I’ve tried to improve string crossing with famous teachers around Europe and believed I can’t improve it until I met Bojan…”
(Maša, professional player)

“Bojan, you don’t know what you’ve just done. You’ve taught a 70 years old man to play sautillé in 10 minutes!”
(John, professional teacher and player)

It was like an exhibition of exercises, which enabled me to find some new useful ideas and different aspects of violin playing.“
(Ana, member of the Slovenian Symphony Orchestra)

  • three 75 minutes sessions in a week
  • every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 9:30am CE, 8:30am UK time
  • The semester starts on 30. November 2021 The last session is on 17. February 2022. Christmas free.
  • intermediate / advanced level
  • language: English; platform: Zoom
  • We will alternate ‘Morning starters’ every week with ‘Main Dishes‘, starting with ‘Morning starters’ on November 30th, 2021 with ‘Morning Starters’
    • WEEK 1:
      • 9:30 – 10:10 Morning Starters
      • 10:15 – 10:45 Main Dishes evaluation meeting
      • Thuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • WEEK 2:
      • 9:30 – 10:45 Main Dishes
      • Thuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Subscriptions to:
    • informal Morning Starters’ (one week for free or a symbolic fee for the whole semester)
    • complete Violin Tech semester including in depth Main Dishes
    • passive subscription to the complete Violin Tech semester
      (possible exeptionally only for teachers of participants)
    • free participation – 1st week complete participation (detailed explanations about the program in evaluation sesions) or first week of morning starters in any month
  • Registration form





When? Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Where? Court Tower, Maribor

Jean-Christophe Gairard (France) – violin
Nejc Škofic – keyboards
Jošt Lampret – double bass
Godalkanje Fiddle Gang

Bojan Cvetrežnik from Maribor wrote history in the Court Tower. The first, today legendary, concert of the Terrafolk ensemble took place right there in 1999. Before that, Bojan had prepared an author’s evening for the additional programme of the festival Musical September in 1996, and later accidentally broke his violin at the euphoric Terrafolk concert evening. After a decade of touring with Terrafolk, Bojan has been mainly involved in Godalkanje, working with young people for the last ten years. Now he is returning to the Court Tower with a young generation of musicians, Godalkanje Fiddle Gang, which has already achieved international recognition under his leadership.

This year’s concert of Godalkanje in the Court Tower is prepared by violin master Jean-Christoph Gairard and the Slovenian teenage band Godalkanje Fiddle Gang, led by Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek.
They will take you to the heart of the music of the Northeast Balkans – melodies from the land of Count Dracula – Transylvania and its surroundings. Jean-Christoph Gairard will also perform on stage with the trio Trionica, formed by Nejc Škofic (keyboards) and Jošt Lampret (double bass), two of the most penetrating young jazz and classical musicians at the moment.

A complete musical surplus!

Buy tickets here. (You can also use BON21)

Sound example of Jeana-Christopha Gairarda:

Jean-Christophe Gairard in Symbolic Orchestra

When? Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Where? Kino Šiška (Cathedral Hall), Ljubljana

Jean-Christophe Gairard (France) – violin
Nejc Škofic – keyboards
Jošt Lampret – double bass
Godalkanje Fiddle Gang

After a few years of big gala concerts, which traditionally take place on the last weekend of the autumn holidays, this time we are moving from the Festival Hall to Kino Šiška! The concert was prepared by violin master Jean-Christoph Gairard and the Slovenian teenage band Godalkanje Fiddle Gang, which is led by Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek, and it takes the audience’s breath away anywhere it plays . Together they will take you to the heart of the music of the Northeast Balkans – melodies from the land of Count Dracula – Transylvania and its surroundings. Jean-Christoph Gairard will also perform on the Cathedral stage with the trio Trionica, formed by Nejc Škofic (keyboards) and Jošt Lampret (double bass), two of the most penetrating young jazz and classical musicians at the moment. Also the youngest ones will leave their stamp – Hobi Godalkarji.

A complete musical surplus!


Sound example of Jean-Christoph Gairard:

Jean-Christophe Gairard in Symbolic Orchestra


Buy tickets here. (You can also use BON21)