foto: Shalan Alhamwy


when? 15th and 22nd April, 14th May 2024

where? online + Tübingen

who? Bojan Cvetrežnik



  • 1st online session: Monday, 15th of April 2024, 19:00 – 20:30
  • 2nd online session: Monday, 22nd of April 2024, 19:00 – 20:30
  • On-site workshop: Tuesday, 14th of May 2024, 17:30 – 20:30, followed by cosy eating, drinking and jamming!

Venue: Franzwerk Tübingen, bei den Pferdeställen 8

Costs: 45 € “online sessions only” or 70 € “online and on-site workshop”


Your place is secure if you have transferred the money to the specified account by 8th of April.


We will work on:

  • explanation of different approaches to learning chords
  • learning violin chords for some tunes
  • perfect cadence and tritone resolution in all violin keys
  • basics of building chords
  • basics of chord recognition by ear
  • 3 major and 3 minor keys in the diatonic system


Bojan’s thoughts:

‘As a violin player I always learned melodies, for that reason I decided one day to buy a mandolin. Later I started guitar, Irish bouzouki and playing more sophisticated chords also on the violin. With good basis in the music theory, it was a big challenge for me to start recognizing chords also by its sound. I was desperate to join jam sessions as an accompaniment player, also with tunes, that I didn’t learn in advance. It was a long journey, before I improved connecting what I hear with an actual chord relatively to the root tonality. Some people do this perfectly, but cannot name any note or chord they are playing. I have to improve in this direction a lot in the future. But this doesn’t have to stop us from learning chords, finger positions for tunes, we would like to play. Connecting the learned chords to established terminology and music theory is another side-process that can make our future investigations easier.’

when? 9th of February 2024

where? De Centrale, Ghent (Belgium)

who? Slovenian Fiddle Gang

what? A bal at the festival Fiddlers on the move

More informations here.

Photo: Filip Verpoest:

when? 17th February 2024

where? De Centrale, Ghent (Belgium)

what? concerts of the mentors of Festival Fiddlers on the move.

More informations here.

photo: Filip Verpoest


When? 25 – 29 June 2024

Where? Hostel Velenje

Who for? Suitable for all string players who can perform the repertoire for the 4th grade of music school.

Mentors: Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek


Would you like to play the violin and spend a few days in excellent company?

Do you go to a music school or have you ever learnt the violin in the past?

Would you like to apply your knowledge in your life?

In Godalkanje junior fiddle camp we will introduce children to attractive tunes with the aim of strengthening their technical stability, sense of pulse, confidence in performance and joy of playing. We will learn the technique of performing accompaniments by following a leadsheet. We hope that the good weather will allow us to busk on the streets. If you have any concerns or fears, please feel free to contact us or those who have had fears in previous years but no longer have.

On the last day, we will perform a final concert at the 15th Romanica Antiqua Laško Festival.

Educational care will be provided for underage participants.



Registration fee: 50€ (the registration fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the participant).

Registration fee + participation fee + meals (lunches, dinners):

230€ (early bird registration until 25th of April) / 280€ (registration after 25th of April)

Registration fee + participation fee + accommodation + meals (full board):

320€ (early registration until 25th of April) / 370€ (registration after 25th of April)

Transport costs for bus from Velenje to Celje and Laško, lunch on the last day in Celje and the entrance fee for swimming in Thermana Laško will be covered by contributions collected on the street, but if not enough, each child should bring 20€ cash just in case.



Sign up here.

Registration deadline: 25th of April (early bird discount) / 18th of June or until places are filled

Registration is valid after successful completion of payment. Please transfer the amount within 7 days from the completition of the survey or no later than 26th of April (early bird registration) or 21st of June to TRR: SI56 6100 0001 4948 920, Music net d.o.o., Dušana Mravljaka 10, 2000 Maribor (account opened at Delavska hranilnica).

Purpose: payment of the registration fee for the Godalkanje junior fiddle camp in Velenje, name and surname of the participant.

You will receive an invoice after payment.



Accommodation is organised in Hostel Velenje (Efenkova 61a, Velenje), in multi-bedded rooms with shared bathroom. Workshops will also take place in the conference hall of Hostel Velenje. On the last day, we will take a bus to Laško, where the final concert will take place.



Transportation to Velenje is at your own expense.

Transport from Velenje to Laško by public bus in our organisation.

Transport from Laško to your home at your own expense.



You will receive a detailed timetable together with other information in the week before the start of the workshops.

In addition to the workshops, there will be plenty of time for swimming in the lake in Velenje, playing board games (there is a board room in the hostel with a pool table, table tennis, hand football and a bunch of other board games). We hope that the weather will allow us to busk as much as possible on the streets in the city centre.

On the last day, we will take a bus to Celje, where we will play in the street, eat lunch and then drive on to Laško. There we will go swimming in Thermana Laško in the afternoon and in the evening we will have a final concert at the 15th Romanica Antiqua Laško festival.

For further information, please contact:


when? 23th – 27th of March 2024

where? ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes de Espetáculo, Porto (Portugal)

who? Bojan Cvetrežnik & Barja Drnovšek

what? Fiddle Gateway tune learning sessions and folk jam sessions.

More informations here.

when? 9th of March 2024

where? El Point, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

who? Bojan Cvetrežnik in Barja Drnovšek

More informations here.


when? 16th – 17th March 2024

where? Casa dos Músicos, Xustáns (Galicia, Spain)

who? Bojan Cvetrežnik & Barja Drnovšek


The organisation Galicia Fiddle invited us to lead a workshop of Balkan music for children and adults.

More informations here.

when? March 2024

where? Galicia, Portugal

who? Bojan Cvetrežnik & Barja Drnovšek


9. 3. 2024: concert at the Festival Faito ti, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

16. – 17. 3. 2024: workshops and concert, Casa dos Músicos, Xustáns (Spain)

23. – 27. 3. 2024: ESTA International Conference, Porto (Portugal)

When? January – February 2024

Where? Belgium

Who? Bojan Cvetrežnik & Barja Drnovšek


26. 1. Hiraeth – Ronse, Cc De Ververij
27. 1. Hiraeth – Dilbeek, Cc Westrand
31. 1. Terrafolk Duo feat. Caspar Klos (double bass) –
Brussels, Le Baixu, Mercredi des Balkans (IX)
1. 2. Hiraeth – Brugge, Cc Brugge
2. 2. Hiraeth – Halle, Cc ‘t Vondel
3. 2. Hiraeth – Dendermonde, Cc Belgica
4. 2. Hiraeth – Geel, Cc De Werft
10. 2.: Terrafolk Duo – Herk-de-Stad, bal@herk
11. 2.: Terrafolk Duo – Brussels, Slovenski kulturni center
(Cultural Creative Corner)
12. 2.: workshop concert – Leuven, Irish College
14. 2.: Fiddlebal on the move, Ghent
17. 2.: Masters on the move, Ghent

9. – 10. 2.: Slovenski kulturni center
(Cultural Creative Corner), Brussels
12. 2.: Athenry Music School, Leuven
14. – 15. 2.: Fiddlers on the move, Ghent

when? 9. 2. 2024

where? Cultural Creative Corner, Brussels (Belgium)

More informations here.