Darko Piller, the concertmaster of the orchestra ‘Gardemusik Wien’, will unveil the tradition of a Serbian violin for us. Besides his virtuoso performances of classical music, he holds a rich knowledge of Serbian music culture. Darko Piller grew up in Piroman, renowned for its tradition of violin playing. His origin is in the famous violin family. Grand-grandfather Žikica Piromanac and grandfather Zlatomir Vasić – Boja. As a child, he learned the art of playing Serbian violin at his famous uncle Boban Voz’s terrace. Boban remains a prominent figure in the Serbian traditional violin. During those days, Darko, along with his brother and sister, would play on the famous ‘Knez Mihailov’ street in Belgrade daily. After 8 years of playing on the street, they became famous by winning the Serbian TV show ‘Serbia’s got talent’. Afterwards, Darko and Danijel won many awards at the international competitions; 1st prize (2018), 2nd prize (2017) and 3rd prize (2016) in accordion competition ‘Coupe Mondiale‘ in the category world music among others. In the year 2013, they came to the final of the Austrian TV show ‘ The Great Chance Show Austria’ and in 2017, they became world champions in the competition ‘67 Trophee Mondia’ in Onet le Château in France. Currently based in Vienna, they give concerts with their classical and Serbian traditional repertoire.