When? October 29th – November 4th 2017

Where? Nova Gorica Music School

Who can attend? Attendees will join one of the two groups. First Group – Hobby level: thorough understanding of the program for 3rd grade of music school. Second Group – Special level: thorough understanding of the program for 6th grade of music school.

Final concert: November 5th 2017, Festival Hall, Ljubljana


Kate Young (Scotland): Celtic music, various special “chops” techniques, how to accompany vocals on the violin and everything else that Kate has up her sleeve.

Claudia Schwab (Austria): a broad spectre ranging from Austro-Celtic music to far-away India, spiced-up with Claudia’s unmatched approach.

Bojan Cvetrežnik (Slovenia): group workshops for children. Playing by ear, improvisation, how to do away with nervousness, how to accompany melodies on string instruments, pulse of the group etc.

Group workshops are open to all players of string instruments, whether they be students attending primary/secondary music school or the academy, teachers of string instruments themselves or musicians with a degree. Workshops will be organized on two levels and all three mentors will give lessons on both of them.

A more detailed PRICE LIST can be found here.