Angelika Hudler is a violin player from Vienna, Austria. Having played
classical music since childhood and with a violin degree from the
„University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna“ in her pocket, she
soon drifted into the diverse and rich world of music almost entirely
played by ear – traditional and improvised. She likes to experiment
with different grooves, textures and playing techniques on the violin
and also dances a lot, which is not only enjoyable but also enables
one to understand music from a dancer’s perspective as well.
She plays traditional music as well as a variety of folk music
styles, traveling and performing in different European countries,
exploring local music traditions on her route, learning from
professional and self thought musicians alike.
She is experienced and interested in Scandinavian music, French bal
folk, Alpine (Austrian traditional), Celtic, Eastern European music
(Balkan) and more, recently diving more into the details of different
Eastern European styles (Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian,…).
She is also an enthusiastic teacher, combining her studies of
instrumental pedagogy (IGP) in Vienna with her experiences of teaching
and learning in different environments, especially profiting from her
experiences on Folk/World music workshops such as Etno Histria in
Slovenia and festivals such as Umefolk in Sweden, which show an open
and inclusive way of teaching which tries to enable everyone to use
their full potential. Her philosophy of teaching is simple: Everyone
should play well and enjoy music at the same time.